Trevor Noah mocks Canada for Trudeau’s doughnut drama

OTTAWA (NEWS 1130) – The “Great Canadian Doughnut Scandal” is being mocked south of the border.

A photo of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau grabbing treats from an artisan doughnut shop in Winnipeg earlier this week has sparked some online backlash from some who feel he should have stopped at Tim Hortons, where the doughnuts are a third of the price.

But now, Trevor Noah with the Daily Show has weighed in.

“Really, Canada? That’s your scandal? Your prime minister brought the wrong doughnuts?” he said on his show Thursday night. “If this s*** pisses you off, you guys wouldn’t last a day with Donald Trump. Doughnuts?”

Trudeau tweeted a photo of himself carrying seven boxes from Oh Doughnuts on Tuesday with the caption, “Picked up some of Winnipeg’s best to keep us going through another full day of Cabinet meetings. Thanks for the fuel, @OhDoughnuts. #shoplocal.”

In response to the negative comments about Trudeau’s doughnut choice, Oh Doughnuts responded to social media users on Twitter.

It told people Tim Hortons isn’t a Canadian-owned company and listed a number of issues with the chain.

“We are locally owned; employ 30+ staff who enjoy breaks and have the option of joining a benefit plan; we use local butter, eggs, and flour; our doughnuts are made fresh daily; we do our best to pay a living wage & never pay minimum wage,” Oh Doughnuts wrote.

For Noah, this whole doughnut controversy appears to be a little weak.

“Let me tell you something now, if Trump had a doughnut scandal, he’d make it a real scandal,” Noah said on his show. “He’d be like, ‘Yes, I had sex with that doughnut.'”

And in the wake of the blackface scandal, Noah told Trudeau to be careful with doughnuts.

“He could start eating a chocolate one, get a little bit of the frosting on his face, and then go to wipe it off and then it’s everywhere,” Noah said to the crowd.

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