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RCMP issue tickets to American visitors in Banff

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – RCMP are cracking down on American tourists visiting Banff National Park.

In the past week, Mounties have issued seven tickets to U.S. residents for violating public health orders.

Those penalties include a fine as high as $1,200.

This comes after reports surfaced of Americans using a loophole to drive through Canada.

RELATED: CBSA confirms Americans are allowed to travel to Alaska through Canada

Although the border is closed to non-essential travel, Americans who say they’re heading to Alaska are allowed to pass through border gates.

According to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), U.S. residents heading to Alaska must confirm a valid reason for travelling to the state such as returning home or for work purposes.

The CBSA also recommends visitors stay in their vehicle as much as possible, avoid staying in hotels, pay at the pump for gas, and use drive-thrus to eat.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer have both said they plan to investigate the reports of Americans using the loophole.

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