Medication subscription supply to be extended beginning June 15

CALGARY(CITYNEWS) – Starting June 15, pharamacists will be able to provide larger supplies of medications to customers.

It’s an extension on the previous requirement which capped supplies at 30 days due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it’s now being extended to up to 100 days worth of medication.

The 30-day cap was applied due to a global critical drug supply issue, but the Alberta government says due to the cap, and the evolving situation with the pandemic, it can be safely increased.

“We are confident that now is the time to adjust our guidance to help Albertans make fewer visits to pharmacies and to support pharmacists in reducing the volume of prescriptions to fill,” said Health Minister Tyler Shandro in a statement.

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The decision is supported by the Alberta College of Pharmacy and the Alberta Pharmacists’ Association but the College’s registrar Greg Eberhart says judgement should still be used in some cases.

“Drug shortages are an increasing problem for Canadians, and in some cases, COVID has made this worse,” said Eberhart. “Therefore, as Alberta Health relaxes this policy, pharmacists should use their professional judgment to limit the dispensed quantities of specific drugs that continue to be short, and continue their commitment to appropriate drug therapy.”

Albertans can access information on specific drug shortages at the Drug Shortages Canada website.

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