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Courts will allow tissues and water after all

Last Updated Jan 22, 2020 at 11:45 am MDT

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CALGARY (660 NEWS) – Alberta’s Justice Minister is disputing reports his office is removing tissues and water bottles from court.

It was originally reported Tuesday night that the province would no longer provide water or tissues for people in courtrooms.

However, Minister Doug Schweitzer said that the story is false and took to Twitter to clear up the confusion.

“Tissues will still be provided and witnesses and water to both witnesses and the judiciary. This has – and will not – change,” said Schweitzer. “Lawyers will be responsible for providing their own water or can have filtered water available in water fountains, in the kitchen, and in break areas.”

The Minister added more in an interview with 660 NEWS on Wednesday.

“We’re going to continue to supply water to witnesses and to the judges and judiciary. All we’re asking the lawyers to do is use the water fountains that are in the hallway, and if they need water while they’re in court, bring a water bottle. It will save us $50,000. Right now, we’re simply looking for every which way we can save taxpayers’ money,” Schweitzer said.

He said he was a little bit confused when he first saw the reports.

“I followed up with my gut saying this doesn’t sound right, I got our guys to follow up and I was right, it didn’t sound right. All the steps being taken here are reasonable.”