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Elections Canada really wants you to stop taking ballot selfies

File Photo: A voter casts his vote by placing his folded ballot into a ballot box. (Source: Elections Canada)

Voter card... check. Proper ID... check. Selfie stick... check. Just don't take one inside

Elections Canada wants you to be aware of some rather important rules for voters on Monday

Employers have to give you three consecutive hours to vote on election day

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – As voters head to their local polling places on Monday, Elections Canada wants you to remember a few important rules, and there is one in particular you may want to pay attention to.

It has to do with you and your selfie stick: Elections Canada really wants you to stop taking ballot selfies.

There are also rules about using any kind of recording device in voting rooms for a reason: the secret ballot is an important part of how democracy works in Canada.

If you’re that enthusiastic about voting and want to share your experience with your friends, take a photo of yourself outside the polling station so as not to potentially ruin your ballot.

There are a few reasons you can take out your phone in the polling station, such as pulling up e-statements or e-invoices to show proof of identity or address.

Another thing: you are entitled to three consecutive hours to vote between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. on Monday, and your employer legally has to give it to you.

But remember, they get to decide if you start late, leave early, or take the time off in the middle of your workday to make that possible.

Find a list of frequently asked questions about voting day on Elections Canada’s website.