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Despite federal frustrations, Alberta not ready to separate: poll

Last Updated Oct 18, 2019 at 8:07 am MDT

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CALGARY (660 NEWS) – Albertans may not be fans of what’s happening in Ottawa, but that doesn’t mean they want to separate from the country.

A new poll from Think HQ showed 71 per cent of responders believe policies under the Trudeau government are hurting the quality of life in Alberta. That’s compared to 15 per cent who felt the opposite.

When it came to separation, the poll showed 59 per cent would vote to stay in Canada with 23 per cent favouring independence.


“Despite recent rumblings in Alberta about separation and talk of a growing separatist movement, it’s clear from these results that Albertans are far more ‘frustrated federalists’ than they are separatists,” said Think HQ President Marc Henry. “That said, when seven-in-ten Albertans tend to empathize with separatist grievances, there is clearly a problem. For most alienated Albertans, leaving isn’t an acceptable answer so we can expect these sentiments to drive political events in other ways.”

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The poll found Conservative voters are more likely to favour Alberta separation, especially in the central and northern regions. Edmonton voters were more likely to vote against separation in the poll.

“A Conservative government may help ease Albertans’ anxieties, but it would depend on a new government’s abilities to address growing concerns about Alberta’s place in confederation,” noted Henry. “If a Conservative Party government is unable or unwilling to address feelings of alienation in Alberta, it would likely be a catalyst for a new federal party, in the style of the Reform Party”

The poll took responses from just over 1,200 people in Alberta from Oct. 4-7.