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'A professional liar': former UCP member lashes out against Jason Kenney and the kamikaze candidate scandal

Last Updated Mar 27, 2019 at 3:44 pm MDT

(Source: http://happymann.ca)

'Is it okay, for us as Albertans to a have a morally and ethically corrupt premier?': Happy Mann

Former UCP member says Jason Kenney was at the table during the planning of the kamikaze candidate scheme

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – A man associated with the kamikaze candidate scandal involving Jason Kenney and Jeff Callaway is admitting guilt in the case.

Happy Mann said he put his name on a donation from another source to the Callaway campaign. Mann said he did not know where the $3,000 came from but did put his name on the donation.

“Jason Kenney was present in the July 19th meeting when everything was planned.”

He insists any assertion from Kenney that he was not involved with this plan is incorrect.

“Well he was lying. I gave him the title of a ‘professional liar'”.

Mann said he is coming forward to clear the air about what happened.

“Yes I have made a mistake and I am ready to admit it and move on. I don’t want to live with the guilt of knowing something and not tell the public. It is up to the public now.”

He contends this issue needs to be decided by the people.

“Are we reaching up to that level? Is it okay, for us as Albertans to a have a morally and ethically corrupt premier?”

Meanwhile, the United Conservative leader himself responded.

“Complete nonsense. I’ve never discussed with anybody how Mr. Callaway was financing his campaign,” said Kenney. “I’ve never been contacted, nor my office, by the Election Commissioner with respect to the financing of that individual’s campaign. We had absolutely nothing to do with financing that individual’s campaign.”

The United Conservatives responded to Mann’s accusations via email.

“The Jason Kenney leadership campaign followed all of the rules of the 2017 UCP Leadership Contest. While some are focused on allegations from disgraced and discredited individuals like Happy Mann and ballot stuffer Prab Gill, we are going to remain focused on the priorities of Albertans – creating jobs and getting Albertans back to work.”