Shootings in Edmonton down in April

Edmonton police say the number of shootings reported in the city dropped in April compared to the year before.

EPS says they investigated 11 shootings through the month, which is two fewer than April 2023.

Of the 11 shootings, seven are believed to be targetted, four ended with someone being injured, and three were fatal.

Police add nine of the shootings had the potential to harm an innocent bystander.

“We are happy to report another decrease in the number of shootings last month,” says Staff Sergeant Eric Stewart with the EPS Guns and Gangs Section. “The overall year to date decreases from last year leaves us optimistic that our concentrated efforts on gun crime are making a difference.”

“We certainly expect shooting occurrences to vary month to month, but this data reassures us that the additional teams we added are well placed and will continue to send the message that gun violence will not be tolerated in Edmonton.”

So far in 2024, February is the only month that has seen more shootings than in 2023. Last year there were eight, and it nearly doubled in 2024.

January saw ten fewer shootings, and March which had one more than April, was still down compared to the year before.

Police also note they have seized 262 guns so far in 2024, which is also fewer than last year.

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