Betting on Oil: Bookies say Oilers have top 5 odds to bring home the cup

It’s starting to become an annual tradition, Oilers playoff hockey and facing the Los Angeles Kings in the first round.

Ahead of Game 1 of the Oilers vs the LA Kings, history is on Edmonton’s side with Oilers besting the Kings the last two years.

Oilers fans are backing their team to win this round, and so are sports books.

“The top five are: Florida, Carolina, the Rangers, and then the Oilers and Stars — so technically the Oilers are the favorite to win the Western Conference,” said Larry Fisher, the head of content with

While playoff hockey is a whole new season, Fisher says the odds do say one thing, there could potentially be a rematch of the 2006 Stanley Cup Final — with Carolina favored in the East, and potentially some revenge for Edmonton.

“Mixed emotions but definitely. If Edmonton can get to the final a lot of people would be happy and then if they can avenge that ’06 loss, then the parade would be something else in Edmonton.”

When it comes to betting between sports Fisher says the number of bets made in the playoffs between the NHL and NBA are similar, but more money gets bet on basketball.

“Hockey’s a lot closer, there’s not as much as a margin for a big win, and vice-versa. I think the NBA, maybe they feel is a littlle more predictable than the NHL, so a lot of people probably put bigger bets. Instead of $5, you’re putting 50 or 500 for a winner in an NBA series,” said Fisher.

When it comes to who has the worst odds for the Stanley Cup, that goes to Washington Capitals at 150-1.

The Oilers face off against the Kings at 8 p.m. inside Rogers Place.

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