Popular Edmonton restaurant closes doors due to rising costs

One of Edmonton's signature chicken restaurants closed its door at one of its locations. According to Alberta's Hospitality Association, restaurants continue to struggle from inflation

Tucked on the side of a busy 124 Street near downtown Edmonton used to be home to one of the city’s most popular chicken stops. But that’s no longer the case as Northern Chicken has suddenly closed their doors to this location. 

It came from a post on one of the restaurant’s social media accounts, announcing that the 124 Street location is closed for the indefinite future.

Many Edmontonians commented on the post, expressing how disappointing it is that the location is closing.

Citynews reached out to the Northern Chicken on Wednesday about why they closed the 124 Street location, and they say costs were a major contributor to the closure.

Alberta’s hospitality association says it’s no surprise that restaurants are still closing their doors years after the pandemic, due to added costs across the country.

“Restaurants are just the heart of the community. It’s where we come together and meet up with friends,” said Mona Pinder, the Executive Director of Alberta’s Hospitality Association.

“Next week is the start of the CEBA loan repayments on January 18th. So restaurants that haven’t been able to pay that back yet are looking at losing the $20 thousand, which is a third of the loan that’s forgivable.”

According to the association, inflation is one of the main issues for restaurants in 2024. With an increase in costs, restaurants may have issues with increased rent, less staff, higher food costs, and fewer people going out. And for restaurants that have a liquor license, the new federal liquor tax is just an extra point on a long list of issues.

“We don’t just want to be all doom and gloom. But those are the realities that they’re facing and they really have to rely on creativity and resilience to get through this right now,” said Pinder.

Northern Chicken says its 104 Street location remains open.

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