Alberta provides funding to help those with disabilities enter the workforce

In an effort to help provide more opportunities for Albertans living with disabilities to enter the workforce, the Alberta government is investing $10 million towards more tools and resources to minimize that barrier.

“Everyone, regardless of the barriers they may face, should have the opportunity to learn valuable skills, explore interests, and find meaningful work in their communities. This investment will not only help more people with disabilities find jobs, it will continue to build on the important work being done in Alberta by creating more inclusive, diverse, and accessible workplaces,” said Jason Nixon, Minister of Seniors, Community, and Social Services.

The investment will not only help more people with disabilities find jobs, but it will also be used to educate employers to create more inclusive, diverse, and accessible workplaces.

Mike Wing with the Gateway Association says people with disabilities not only face barriers in the workforce but there are a lot of misconceptions about having to accommodate employees with disabilities.

“There’s many barriers, there’s also a lot of misconceptions when it comes to hiring people with disabilities and a lot of the misconceptions come around accommodation, and I think that is the biggest barrier,” said Wing.

“But also when it comes to inclusive education and recruitment. A lot of recruitment wants you to have a 4-year degree or an 8-year degree, and for a lot of people with disabilities, the reality is we don’t have an 8-year degree, and we don’t have the financial ability to get that education.”

The funding will go towards 10 organizations province-wide to help increase employment opportunities for Albertans with disabilities.

  • Prospect Human Services – $873,255
  • Vecova – $672,590
  • Gateway Association – $1,117,926
  • Centre for Newcomers – $1,117,926
  • WCG Services – $2,146,289
  • Calgary Catholic Immigration Society – $703,854
  • Goodwill Opportunity Accelerator Program – $1,609,490
  • Goodwill Industries – $1 million
  • CBI – $1,050,800
  • Inclusion Foothills Association – $483,500

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