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Edmonton city councillors denounce attack

Edmonton’s mayor was forced to clarify and condemn the attack in Israel. Other councillors are strongly condemning the violence.

Tuesday, Edmonton mayor Amarjeet Sohi was forced to denounce terrorism following a tweet calling for peace in the region following the deadly terrorist attacks in Israel. In the wake of the attacks — other councillors have voiced their support.

While several Edmonton city councillors have tweeted their support of Israel in the wake of Hamas attacks, councillor Tim Cartmell supports having the High Level Bridge lit up in the colours of the Israeli flag.

“It reminds me very much of 9/11 — when we had a terrorist attack in North America, and there was a very clear and direct response by the United States but even by Canada,” said Cartmell.


Edmonton’s mayor was forced to reconsider his online response to the attack after facing an onslaught of criticism for his initial social media post. Even Sohi now admits the mayor shouldn’t wade into international politics.

“As mayor, I firmly believe my role is to stand with Edmontonians, and not to way into global matters that require a very nuanced approach and understanding that a mayor’s office cannot provide,” said Sohi.

Wednesday, councillor Cartmell was more direct and onesided in denouncing the Hamas attack.

“I think we need to call that thing what it was — which was a violent, horrific terrorist attack with no regard for human life involved — and none for the families involved in the initial attack.”

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