Edmonton’s Valley Line LRT facing another setback following latest testing

Edmonton’s Valley Line Southeast LRT is facing another setback and needs cables replaced. Laura Krause has more on what these means for the opening of the already delayed LRT.

It’s the train line that keeps on giving. Five years after it was supposed to open, Edmonton’s Valley Line is facing another setback.

TransEd, the company responsible for building the rail line says after the latest round of testing, they have found that cables need to be replaced.

The company states that it would be easier to replace them now, instead of while the train system is operational, adding it would also improve long-term reliability once the line opens.

“To ensure future reliability, we have decided to replace and upgrade the cables now to ensure the system will perform to our high standards while we operate it over the next 30 years, and for many years beyond,” said Ronald Joncas, TransEd’s Chief Executive Officer.


TransEd used the latest testing period to validate the LRT systems, infrastructure and, signalling, noting the testing has been done in various conditions, including snow, rain, salt, high winds, and extreme cold and heat.

“This is a huge milestone and brings us one step closer to delivering and operating a new transportation option that will serve the needs of a growing and changing Edmonton population,” said Joncas. “As I have said previously, we have designed and built this LRT to be a long-lasting system as per City requirements, and we are committed to delivering a safe, reliable and high-quality system that Edmontonians expect and deserve.”

The cables are being upgraded while TransEd finalizes and submits the required documentation for review by the independent certifier needed for Service Commencement.

The Valley Line will be a 13-kilometre LRT once it is complete.

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