More LRT frustrations for Edmontonians

While the LRT to Rogers Place Wednesday night may be packed, Edmontonians have more LRT-related frustrations to deal with.

By Darcy Ropchan

If you’re taking the LRT to Rogers Place Wednesday night, you’ll want to give yourself some extra time to get there. But that’s not the only LRT headache Edmontonians have to deal with.

The Southwest Capital Line LRT extension will have to be scaled back to meet budget constraints or risk running over-cost.

Councillor for the area Jennifer Rice says that could include changing a proposed above-ground LRT bridge to ground-level and nixing several hundred park and ride stalls, something she says her constituents want done right from the get-go.

“A major road — Ellerslie Road — is a busy street in south Edmonton? ‘That is unacceptable.’ That message is received. I hope council will consider and listen to those inputs.”

The city’s first LRT line was opened in 1978. The city only recently got new lines and extensions built on to the original.

That’s why councillor Rice says she wants the city to build it properly first.

“Not just for our generation, but for the next one,” she explained.

That’s not the only LRT problem. Tuesday, yet another vehicle struck the Valley Line LRT, which is currently being tested.

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