Connor McBlade-It: Edmonton announces winning names for Name a Plow Contest

Edmonton’s Name a Plow Contest has officially come to a close.

Fifteen trucks have been given their new names after the city received over 2,100 entries.

“We appreciate the incredible enthusiasm for this contest, and are very excited to display the winning names on plows throughout the city,” said Mark Beare, Director of Infrastructure Operations. “With so many entries, we’ve decided to name 15 plows this year. Thank you to everyone who submitted such creative and unique ideas.”

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Edmontonians came up with many clever names, including “Peter Parka,” “Snow-Be-Gone Kenobi,” and “Connor McBlade-It,” named after the Edmonton Oilers captain and top point producer in the NHL with 84 points in 46 games.

“Amarsleet Snowhi,” named for Edmonton’s mayor, and “Buzz Iceclear” references the character Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story Franchise.

A few more names include:

  • Blizzard of Oz
  • Blizzard Wizard
  • Ctrl+Salt+Delete
  • Darth Blader
  • Fast and Flurrious
  • Mr. Plow
  • Plowasaurus Rex
  • Plowy McPlowface
  • Qanniq (“Snowfall” – Inuktitut dialect)
  • The Big Leplowski


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