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Former Toronto Raptor robbed on visit to Vancouver

Last Updated Jul 10, 2019 at 6:04 pm MST


Green says they searched the neighbourhood for their bags but couldn't find them

NEWS 1130 has contacted the Vancouver Police Department for further details

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Fresh off an NBA Championship, a former Toronto Raptors player was robbed last week while visiting Vancouver for a promotional event.

Danny Green opened up about the experience on his podcast for Yahoo Canada Sports, Inside The Green Room. Green, who recently left Toronto, inking a two-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, says he was in town for the opening of a London Drugs last Friday in the Dunbar neighbourhood but unknowingly booked an Airbnb in a very different area.

“We don’t know much about Vancouver,” he says in the podcast. “We booked the Airbnb, on the picture it looks great. They go to check in, we go to eat, and they’re like ‘Yo, we gotta change it, it’s old, it’s raggedy, it feels haunted.’ We didn’t know there’s a ghetto or hood in Vancouver. We didn’t know where we were located at, we’re two blocks from East Hastings, we didn’t know that.”

While he and his entourage were upstairs going over the details and figuring out what to do, their book bags were stolen from their vehicle.

“We go back outside, and we pretty much got robbed. Not robbed of everything, but two book bags [were] gone, and one of the book bags had a lot of stuff in it,” he says. “We lost electronics, computers, laptops, camp registry money, stuff like that.”

Green says they called the police and searched the neighbourhood for their bags but couldn’t find them.

“Two blocks from East Hastings, it’s the worst street in like North America in terms of druggies and there’s bags everywhere,” he says. “The cops [were] with us, he drove me around, [he’s like] ‘I can’t get out of the car and start searching everybody right now.'”

NEWS 1130 has contacted the Vancouver Police Department for further details.