Edmonton businesses benefitting from Oilers’ Cup run

By Hiba Kamal-Choufi

With the Edmonton Oilers in the Stanley Cup finals, not only fans but also businesses are feeling the buzz.

CityNews spoke to some restaurants and stores, with owners saying they’re seeing a huge spike in business.

“Numerous different revenues that are affecting us,” said Anders Hicks, the general manager of Campio Brewing Co. on 105 Street — only a couple blocks away from Rogers Place.

Hicks says being in the Stanley Cup finals has been a big win for the business.

“It’s been fast flips. So a table comes in, has a couple of drinks, they’re ready to head out, then you get another table right away,” said Hicks.

Oilers merch at United Sport & Cycle on Gateway Blvd. (Photo Credit: Hiba Kamal-Choufi, CityNews)

The staff at Campio Brewing Co. has been creative with what they have to offer their customers as they cheer on the Oilers.

“We’re doing different specials different nights of the week. Oilers drinks and obviously, we have our well known McDavid pizza. So people are coming in and that’s been a huge, huge top seller,” said Hicks.

1st RND is another downtown business that’s celebrating the Oilers in the Stanley Cup finals.

“We have a special shot called the McDaddy and people like to order it. It’s always a fun one,” explained Franco Camminatore, the general manager of 1st RND.

The restaurant is decked in orange and blue.

“The Oilers are the heart of soul of what we do, and we really want to show our passion for the Oilers.”

Oilers merch at United Sport & Cycle on Gateway Blvd. (Photo Credit: Hiba Kamal-Choufi, CityNews)

It’s not only downtown Edmonton businesses that are benefiting from the Oilers’ road to the Cup. A United Sports and Cycle location on Gateway Boulevard is introducing new jerseys and Oilers-themed decorations.

“Everybody likes to have something Oilers and be able to watch the game, so definitely drives our traffic right now,” said Kelly Hodgson, the general manager of United Sports and Cycle.

“Now, we’ve got Stanely Cup participant merchandise available.”

McDonald’s Canada is also jumping on the Oilers bandwagon. The fast food chain is vowing a franchise name change if Oilers captain Connor McDavid and the team win the Cup.

CityNews reached out to McDonald’s Canada for a comment, but did not immediately hear back.

“Once we win the Cup — and we will win the Cup — we’ll have a whole inventory available,” said Hodgson.

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