Oilers file complaint against Green Men

The Edmonton Oilers have reportedly filed a complaint against Vancouver Canucks fans known as the Green Men.

The Green Men returned to Vancouver earlier this year, before making another appearance in Game 1 against the Oilers.

During one Oilers powerplay, the Green Men took out a sign that read “Evander… What’s the parlay tonight?”

The sign ended up making the rounds on social media, before the Oilers reportedly filed a complaint, according to CHEK TV’s Rick Dhaliwal.

The Oilers complaint claims the sign targeted Kane, who has a past with gambling.

Reports also indicate that the Green Men were not allowed to return to Rogers Arena for the remainder of the series.

This is not the first time a complaint has been filed against the Green Men. In 2011, a complaint was filed for their acts during the Canucks playoff run in that season.

CityNews has reached out to the Oilers for a comment, but have not heard back at this time.

Regardless of the outcome of the complaint, Kane and the Oilers can rest easy, knowing they knocked off the Canucks in Round 2.

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