‘Oilers jersey is on the way’: Edmonton, Vancouver mayors make NHL playoff bet ahead of 2nd-round series

Following in the footsteps of their respective premiers, the mayors of Edmonton and Vancouver have agreed to a Stanley Cup playoff bet.

As if the Oilers and Canucks clashing in the NHL post-season for the first time since 1992 wasn’t interesting enough (Edmonton won that series 4-2), the cities’ elected officials have upped the ante with a friendly wager.

Vancouver Mayor Ken Sim outlined the terms to Edmonton Mayor Amarjeet Sohi in a short video posted on his X account.

“If the Vancouver Canucks – or when the Vancouver Canucks – beat the Edmonton Oilers, we’d like you to fly the flag of our beloved Canucks above city hall, and rock one of these amazing Vancouver Canucks jerseys. And in the unlikely event that Edmonton actually wins, we will do the same.”

Mayor Sim, rocking a retro Canucks alternate uniform, then grabs a hockey stick and fires a stuffed animal of Oilers mascot Hunter the Lynx out the window. Taking the neighbourly animosity to the next level, the plushie lands into the hands – and then the mouth – of Canucks mascot Fin the Whale.

In a slightly less antagonistic video response – though no less confident – Sohi accepted Sim’s challenge.

“An Oilers jersey is on the way,” Sohi said. “We have the best team, we have the best fans, and Oilers are poised to win. So get ready to wear that jersey on the day Canucks lose.”

Sohi’s video reply ends with a dozen young Oilers fans, and a lifesize (and not chewed up) Hunter the Lynx, cheering on their team.

The bet between Sohi and Sim mirrors a similar one placed last week between Alberta Premier Danielle Smith and B.C. Premier David Eby.

The losing premier agreed to deliver a statement written by the winner in the legislature while wearing the winner’s jersey.

“In this vast democracy called Canada, we must often set aside our differences to come together,” Eby wrote in response to Smith’s challenge. “But over the coming weeks, British Columbians and Edmontonians will have to set aside what we have in common (hating the Calgary Flames) for hockey glory.”

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The much-anticipated second-round playoff matchup between the Oilers and Canucks kicks off Wednesday in Vancouver. The B.C. team earned the home advantage after finishing first in the Pacific Division, five points ahead of Edmonton.

The Oilers lost all four games against the Canucks in the 2023-24 season, including an 8-1 drubbing in their first encounter in early October. Vancouver outscored Edmonton a combined 21-7 in those matches.

The Canucks downed the Nashville Predators in six games in the opening round, while the Oilers dispatched Los Angeles Kings in five.

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