Dude, where’s my deep fryer? What Edmontonians forgot in their Ubers last year

By News Staff

If you have ever accidentally left something behind in an Uber, you’re not alone.

The ridesharing company shared its latest Lost and Found Index of 2023, revealing the most surprising and popular items left behind by riders over the past year.

Two of Canada’s top-10 most unique items were left behind in Edmonton: a deep fryer and a Japanese chef’s knife.

Other strange forgotten items include amethyst crystals (Ottawa), gold dentures (Toronto), a fishing rod (Vancouver) and a segway (Toronto).

These are the 10 most commonly forgotten items in Edmonton:

  1. Article of clothing
  2. Backpack or bag
  3. Headphones
  4. Jewelry
  5. Wallet / purse
  6. Vape / e-cig
  7. Phone
  8. Watch
  9. Keys
  10. Glasses

Montreal, Vancouver, Hamilton, and Toronto took the prize for the most forgetful Canadian cities. The most forgetful days in the country were New Year’s Day and Halloween weekend.

“The best way to retrieve a lost item is to call the driver, but if you leave your phone itself in your car, you can log in to your account on a computer,” a spokesperson with Media Profile said.

“Please note there is a $20 fee to get your items returned, and that fee goes entirely to the driver because of the inconvenience of returning the item.”

–With files from Lucas Casaletto

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