Driver of SUV that crashed into 2 northeast Edmonton homes was unconscious: eyewitness

There was a heavy police presence near 128 Avenue and 44 Street Sunday after a vehicle drove into two homes around 8:30 a.m.

One eyewitness told CityNews he saw the whole event play out right in front of him.

“A vehicle came flying behind me and missed me by about this much. Two feet,” Rob said. “All I saw was dust. I looked over, there was a lady with her dog staring that way. So I looked and this vehicle went through one house and hit the second one.”

Rob says the driver of the vehicle was unconscious and the vehicle was jammed shut when he rushed over. He called 911 for medical assistance.

Damage to northeast Edmonton home after an SUV crashed into it April 14, 2024. (CityNews)

The driver eventually regained consciousness and asked for help getting out of the vehicle, he recounted.

The homeowner of the first house that was hit says his family left in the morning and he was upstairs sleeping. That’s when he heard a loud noise downstairs.

“I heard a very strong sound,” said Mutasim Eltegani. “Like a boom downstairs. Sometimes, I think it’s the heater, maybe something else. But when I’m running down, I see a small SUV just drive through my home, through the main entrance and through the storage room and went to the other side of my home.”

CityNews reached out to the Edmonton Police Service for more information but did not immediately hear back.

Vehicle debris after an SUV crashed into a northeast Edmonton home April 14, 2024. (CityNews)

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