City of Edmonton announces Spring street cleaning plan

The City of Edmonton might have jumped the gun with their plan to announce the start of city-wide street cleaning.

While it’s not the announcement some Edmontonians were expecting to hear Friday as snow returns to the city, the City says crews are expected to begin sweeping major roads starting on Monday — provided the snow is gone.

“When the snow melts and roads dry, it can leave hazards for both people walking, cars driving on it, rock chips get thrown up, that sort of thing,” said Val Dacyk, General Supervisor of Infrastructure Field Operations.

Following a week of major roads being swept, residential roads are expected to be swept starting April 15.

“Street cleaning is an important service to clear debris and dust from roads, bike lanes, and major pathways, making them cleaner and safer,” said Dacyk.

“A parking ban is necessary for residential neighbourhoods as it allows crews to safely clean all debris from curb to curb. Please move your vehicle off the roadway when a parking ban has been issued in your neighbourhood to avoid a ticket and allow crews to complete the cleaning.”

Parking bans will be in effect starting Apr. 15, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., where crews are expected to be cleaning.

Parking ban sign Edmontonians can expect to see starting Apr. 15, for street cleaning. (Photo Credit: Laura Krause, CityNews)

Parking ban signs will be placed in Edmonton neighbourhoods 48 hours prior to work starting, and residents can also view the street sweeping map on the City of Edmonton website.

“It’s an attempt for us to work closely with transportation to ensure they can get their job done efficiently and effectively. And there is nothing worse than trying to drive around vehicles, damaging vehicles, things like that,” said Keith Scott, the director of complaints & investigations with the City of Edmonton.

During the parking ban, vehicles must be moved from the road. If not, the owner of the vehicle may be fined $250.

Street sweeping is expected to be completed by June 1.

-With files from Laura Krause

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