Sohi addresses provincial concerns of Edmonton’s ‘rocky financial patch’

Edmonton Mayor Amarjeet Sohi sends letter to Alberta premier Danielle Smith, calling out what he says is unfair support and treatment of the capital city. Christine O'Loughlin has more.

Edmonton’s mayor is speaking out after Premier Danielle Smith suggested the City is facing financial challenges last week.

Wednesday Smith said there was reported money problems surrounding senior city executives, which had the province concerned about stability.

At the time, the premier indicated the provincial government would be on standby to provide Edmonton help if it was needed.

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Nearly a week later, Mayor Amarjeet Sohi wrote a letter to the province that stated “All Alberta municipalities are struggling with the pressures of inflation, unprecedented population growth, and recovery from the pandemic,” while noting that Edmonton is already taking measures to address this issue.

“The City of Edmonton remains compliant with all guiding legislation in all aspects of operations, including with financial policies, which are well within the legislated limits. The current financial challenges the City is facing are mainly caused by the lack of consistent and equitable support from the Government of Alberta,” said Mayor Sohi in a statement.

“Provincial cuts and downloading impact every municipality in Alberta, but are especially challenging in Edmonton. Edmonton’s unique circumstances and the current funding allocation formulas mean Alberta’s capital city is not receiving appropriate or equitable provincial funding to support our rapidly growing municipality.”

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