Emergency crews clear former encampment in partially collapsed cave

Edmonton fire and police responded to a cave in an encampment near the river valley Wednesday.

Emergency crews arrived at what used to be the entrance of a cave Wednesday morning to clean up an encampment but found that the cave had partially collapsed.

Edmonton police and Edmonton Fire Rescue Services were called to the scene Wednesday morning answering reports that people were trapped inside the cave.

But when firefighters and police arrived, investigators could not find anyone inside.

Cave opening and collapsed roof. (Photo Credit: Adam Ziccarelli, CityNews)

EFRS’s technical rescue crew remained at the cave for much of the morning, examining the opening and collapse of the room.

According to officers on site, the cave goes five feet into the side of the hill and turns west another eight feet deeper into the river bank.

Someone was living in the cave earlier in the week when an officer was sweeping the area and stumbled on the opening. That individual has since been relocated.

The encampment is somewhat of an engineering marvel with what looks like supports on the inside of the cave with debris scattered in the area.

Later in the day Wednesday, the tactical unit was on site scanning the cave, and a cadaver dog was brought in as a precaution.

City crews continue to clean up the area near McDougall Hill Road and according to officials multiple encampment sites were found near the cave.

CityNews reached out to both EFRS and EPS for comment, but none could be provided at this time.

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