Alberta NDP continues to criticize proposed trans policy

Alberta NDP leader Rachel Notley released a video criticizing the provincial government's new Trans policy while a survey shows Albertans support the legislation.

After releasing a video on social media, Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley once again criticized the government’s proposed trans policy.

“This is a deeply cynical political ploy that this premier is engaging in,” stressed Notley. “Let’s have a conversation that’s actually based on the real issue.”

The NDP faces an Alberta public that may not agree with them.

A new survey by Leger finds there are more Albertans are in support of the legislation than against it.

Roughly 44 per cent of Albertans believe gender reassignment surgery for minors 17 and under should be prohibited, while 35 per cent say they approve of it but only with parental consent.

When it comes to puberty blockers — 44 per cent are against them, while 29 per cent are ok with parental approval.

Notley says the conversation is nuanced.

“Should parents be involved and know what’s happening in schools, you bet! But that’s not the issue here. This is really a matter of growing the conversation and making sure people understand what’s actually being proposed here,” stated Notley.

In Saskatchewan, a judge ruled Friday that a court challenge can proceed over the province’s law requiring parental consent for children under 16 who want to change their names and pronouns in school. Saskatchewan’s government used the notwithstanding clause to enact that law.

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“We’re now going to start seeing the courts look at whether or not there are limits on the use of the notwithstanding clause. Because the clause was designed to be a release valve, for when the charter might come up against the democratic wishes of the majority of the population,” said Notley.

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