No timeline for return to City Hall: Mayor

One week after a shooting at City Hall, there are still unanswered questions about when things will return to normal.

Edmonton’s mayor and city manager spoke to the media Tuesday but did not allow more than a few steps inside the building. Providing no real update on when the building will open to the public or how much the damage will cost.

Last Tuesday, a shooter opened fire inside the building and threw a molotov cocktail — causing significant damage. Some physical reminders of the incident remain- shattered glass panels are now temporarily replaced with plywood- but burn marks left on the ground have been scrubbed clean. 

“We want to make sure that when this place is open, Edmontonians can walk in with confidence that this council, this administration has taken steps to ensure their safety, and the safety of employee, and the safety of everyone who works here and comes here to engage with us,” said Mayor Amarjeet Sohi.

Despite the closure, the City says there have been no interruptions to core services. But doors will remain closed to the public indefinitely as the cleanup continues and a security review is underway.

“The reality is that the condition of the building has changed based on what has happened, and we’re taking a look at how this building needs to change as well. So a comprehensive security review is underway, we’re going to look at the risks, the access and how to manage them, and we will ask other cities what they do as well, and get help from others,” said Andre Corbould, Edmonton City Manager.

Bezhani Sarvar is facing six charges in relation to the City Hall shooting. His bail hearing is set for Friday. Meanwhile, Edmonton City Council is looking at resuming meetings virtually next week.

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