An environmental group is challenging Alberta’s national energy campaign

In response to Danielle Smith’s and the UPC’s ‘Tell The Feds‘ ads and commercials, has launched a counter-campaign called ‘Show The Feds.’

“Danielle Smith’s attempts at COP28 to rebrand herself as a climate leader are almost beyond parody,” said Amara Possian,’s Canada Team Lead. “In reality, Premier Smith is doing everything in her power to delay real climate action and withhold cheap, clean electricity from Canadians. We launched to counter the fear and misinformation she is spreading about climate action and affordability, and to invite people across the country to push back.”

The website closely mirrors the Alberta government’s website, but with content they say “directly confronts” the message from the government’s site.

“Our campaign essentially is really focused on ensuring that we’re telling the truth about how a transition to a renewable energy future is something that is affordable, something that is good for Canadians, especially those who are struggling with their bills,” explained Atiya Jaffar, Canada Campaign’s Manager at

Creators from say Smith is wasting millions of public dollars on the campaign, which they say “only serves the rich fossil fuel corporations driving the climate crisis.” The environmental group also claims their site lays out a better future.

“There are a number of reports that are linked here (, and those reports really make it clear that an affordable, reliable, renewable energy future is within our reach and it’s very much possible,” said Jaffar.

“It’s just such a shame that Danielle Smith through her moratorium on new renewable energy is targeting Albertans in such an unfair way. Her policies against renewable energy are costing the Alberta economy 33 billion dollars and they’re putting thousands of jobs in the renewable energy sector at risk.” is asking Canadians to send in “common sense policies” that tackle the climate emergency and the affordability crisis.

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