Edmonton Public School Trustee announces plans for federal candidacy

Trisha Estabrooks has become the newest political candidate for the federal NDP in Edmonton.

“Edmontonians need representation in Ottawa that speaks for them. We need another New Democrat fighting for what Edmontonians need. Here in Edmonton Centre, we are facing a housing crisis, and I know all of us are reminded of this daily when we are downtown for example. I will work to find ways to not just talk about, but actually build more affordable and supportive housing,” said Estabrooks.

The two-time Edmonton Public School Trustee announced Tuesday, that she would be seeking nomination in the riding of Edmonton Centre.

“There are big issues impacting the lives of kids and families in our city, including access to affordable housing and the increased cost of living. I look forward to building upon my work as a Trustee and advocating for change at a national level,” said Estabrooks.

“Edmontonians need representation in Ottawa that speaks for them. With another New Democrat Member of Parliament, we can effectively work to build more affordable housing in our city, take meaningful action on the poisoned drug supply crisis and act on climate change.”

During her announcement, Estabrooks added that if she gets elected, she would focus on addressing homelessness and affordable housing.

“In the job I do every day, representing families, I hear about some of the real issues that are facing families in our city, and again this is the first step to getting to that path to having my name on that ballot.”

Estabrooks was joined by Edmonton Strathcona MP Heather McPherson, former school board trustee Ray Martin, and the 2021 NDP candidate in Edmonton Centre, Heather MacKenzie, at her announcement.

“Trisha Estabrooks has the experience, energy, compassion, and commitment to be an excellent representative for Edmonton Centre. As a parent with children in Edmonton public schools, I’ve been so impressed with her leadership in standing up for young Edmontonians and ensuring they are able to fulfil their potential. I am excited she has decided to take this step into federal politics,” said McPherson.

Political scientist Lori Williams says Estabrooks might be successful in her campaign, as she’s already well known as a school trustee. However, she notes it’s not a sure thing.

“This might be an easier battle if she weren’t up against a Liberal incumbent there. If they were trying to take it from a backbench Conservative, that might have been an easier job for them. Particularly given the possibility of having someone at the cabinet table. I think this is an uphill climb but it certainly will give the NDP a boost potentially. But it could also split the centre and centre-left vote, and actually advantage conservatives in that riding potentially,” explained Williams.

“Of course, there have been some pretty tight races in this particular riding, this is not a place where anybody but a Conservative is likely to win by a large margin, so again, if we have a split between the Liberal supporters and the NDP supporters we might see a win from the Conservatives.”

With the plan to run for federal office, Estabrooks has resigned as Board Chair for the EPSB but will continue to serve constituents in Ward D as their trustee.

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