Edmonton’s problem parking lots

There are 275 surface parking lots in Edmonton’s downtown and many of them don’t have the proper licensing.

Parking lots are causing headaches for Edmonton city council and those looking to revitalize downtown.

A new report shows there’s around 275 parking lots downtown and nearly 90 per cent of them don’t have the proper licensing.

“Even just adding some basic amenities, trees, maybe a bench, and levelling off those surfaces so they’re safe. That’s what I’d be looking to,” explained Ashley Salvador, Councillor for Ward Metis.

Edmonton city council has ignored over 200 unregulated downtown parking lots for years.

These are surface level parking lots owned by developers, many without the proper permits and licensing, often waiting for better economic conditions to begin construction.

Councillor Salvador says bringing these lots in line with City bylaws is a complicated process, including time and budgetary constraints with enforcement.

“We don’t allow new surface parking lots downtown. These are historic parking lots if you will that have been around for decades and have been unpermitted for decades.”

Administration will come back to the urban planning committee in 2024 with proposals on how to best enforce parking lot policies. A key question for council is how to enforce with problem property owners while not scaring off potential development.

“I would be interested in recouping some costs. Giving they have not been operating in the confines of our bylaws, some fines potentially and directing those funds towards downtown vibrancy.”

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