Alberta Sheriffs and Edmonton police execute nearly 3,000 arrests: province

At the halfway point of a 15-week pilot, the Alberta government says sheriffs in the city are “making a difference” and provided an update Thursday.

The project, which began on Feb. 14, includes two teams of Edmonton Police Service (EPS) officers partnering with the Alberta Sheriffs in a project meant to deter crime in downtown Calgary.

Edmonton police received 12 sheriffs for the downtown core as part of a 15-week pilot program for the province’s Edmonton Public Safety and Community Response Task Force.

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Around 923 calls have been responded to since that time.

In the meantime, 274 charges have been laid against 66 people, and 2,986 outstanding arrest warrants were executed.

“While many offenders incurred multiple charges and possessed multiple warrants, the totals still represent a significant number of criminals apprehended by officers — and, in many cases, taken into custody,” a news release from the province reads.

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The province says the two teams also took people to local shelters or social agencies, noting 74 people were transported in March.

In addition, officers connected people involved in 31 cases with social services organizations that offered “access to further supports.”

“Addressing crime and victimization in Edmonton’s downtown will take collaboration and sustained effort, but we are encouraged by how seamlessly the sheriffs have integrated with our officers. In addition to increasing police visibility, they are helping us make valuable inroads with community engagement while assisting with proactive police activities. It is important that we continue this work to keep Edmonton’s people, communities and businesses safe,” said Dale McFee, chief of police, Edmonton Police Service.

The work is expected to end on May 31, which will then be evaluated by CPS and the sheriffs to decide on the “next steps.”

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