Widow of former Edmonton Oiler Colby Cave authors books to help others with overwhelming grief

Amal Mohamud talks with the widow of the late Edmonton Oiler, Colby Cave. She has a new book out, describing what life is like as a young widow.

By Amal Mohamud

The widow of the late Edmonton Oilers, Colby Cave, is opening up to the world to help change the way we grieve.

Former Oiler Colby Cave was just 26-years-old when he died in April 2020, after suffering from a colloid cyst. Since the unexpected passing, his widow has been very vocal about her journey through grief.

“Grief and death is a part of everyone’s life um but it’s defiantly something that does not talk about as openly,” said Emily Cave, author of ‘For Colb’ The Vow Beyond Till Death Do Us Part.

“Being vocal and hearing people say oh I get that or oh thanks for sharing that, it reminded me why it’s so important and why I needed to continue what I was doing.”

After Colby’s death, Emily turned to writing, to share her unfiltered truth about her journey with grief.

“I kind of started writing from when he died, you know I was public or I was open on social media um so I kind of took all that stuff and then I really like hunkered down in like August September and I just power wrote it.”

The book offers support to anyone who lost a loved one and encourages others to face grief.

“Grief and joy can coexist. I think at the beginning of grief it’s really heavy and it’s really hard but I learned over time that you can be happy too.”

‘For Colb’ The Vow Beyond Till Death Do Us Part, will be released in May.

Title page of Emily Cave’s book. (Photo Courtesy: Emily Cave)

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