24 new EV charging stations being added across Edmonton

The city of Edmonton announced 24 new free electric vehicle chargers will be installed in eight locations around the city – Sarah Chew tells you where to find them and why more people are ditching gas cars for electric.

By Sarah Chew

Edmonton residents who drive electric vehicles will have more options to charge their vehicles.

Through a partnership with the city, EPCOR is installing 24 new EV charging stations at eight locations across the city.

Some of the new locations include the Edmonton EXPO Centre, the EPCOR Hugh J Bolton North Service Centre, the Edmonton Convention Centre and multiple recreation centres.

The project contributes to the Canadian government’s target to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

Map of new EPCOR charging stations in Edmonton. (Credit: Facebook/EPCOR Canada)

“It doesn’t matter what the price of gas is, when it’s simply free to charge your electric vehicle when you’re out and about catching some educational content at the Science Centre, or working out at a rec centre,” said Andrew Batiuk, the director of the Electric Vehicle Association of Alberta.

“You know you’re paying $2-plus for gas versus paying 15 cents for electricity.”

Batiuk says he believes interest and demand for electric vehicles has grown in the past year – and for good reason.

“You know there’s those people that want to go with electric vehicles because of the environmental impacts, and then there’s many that don’t think about that aspect,” said Batiuk. “They just want a fast car, they just want a quiet car, they just want a convenient car, they just want a car that’s inexpensive to refuel.”

man at EV charging station

Manfred Lippe drove to Edmonton from Campbell River, B.C. in an electric car. (Credit: CityNews/Sarah Chew)

Manfred Lippe drove to Edmonton from Campbell River, B.C. in an electric car. He says charging stations are harder to come by in Alberta than in B.C., so there’s definitely a need to increase the availability as these vehicles become more popular.

“One hundred percent. I mean, all you have to do is look around parking lots and stuff,” said Lippe. “Even driving in the parking lot, I saw a couple Teslas here, and I did see some other electric vehicles – they’re not as uncommon as people might think.”

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