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Nathan Fillion Civilian Pavilion petition gets backing from Suicide Squad cast

Last Updated Aug 4, 2021 at 10:31 am MDT

EDMONTON (CityNews) – The petition to rename a downtown park in Edmonton to the Nathan Fillion Civilian Pavilion has gained a little more traction thanks to Warner Bros.

The blockbuster movie franchise did a quick interview with Fillion’s castmates from the Suicide Squad to get their reaction to the movement.

“That is so funny. I 100 per cent support this completely, and I really, really hope you succeed in this mission, Edmonton. I believe in it,” said Margot Robbie.

“I’m all in favour of this civilian pavilion being named after the great Edmontonian Nathan Fillion,” said Jai Courtney.

“There needs to be a Nathan Fillion Civilian Pavilion somewhere,” added James Gunn, Director of Suicide Squad.

Lauren Hunter from CityNews’ sister station, Sonic 102.9, said the name came to her and she thought it was funny, so she went with it.

Talks of naming the park have been underway since 2019, with Edmonton’s city council saying they will consider the possibility of the name change, and one councillor, Aaron Paquette, has already publicly backed the idea.

So far, the petition has nearly 15,000 signatures.

“I don’t know what I would do with that kind of honour or responsibility,” said Fillion in an interview with Hunter. “Is there responsibilities that come along? Do I have to shovel the walk? I don’t know these things. I’ve never been a part of it.

“I’m intrigued. I’m excited. I’m eager to watch how this story plays out,” added John Cena.

-With files from Darcy Ropchan