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Widow speaks out on husband who died trying to save his children

Last Updated Jul 21, 2021 at 8:15 am MDT

EDMONTON (CityNews) – The widow of the Edmonton man who drowned last week after rescuing his 9-year-old son is speaking out.

Sidrah Mubashir told CityNews, her late-husband, Mubashir Khan, was a loving father and would do anything for his children.

“After work, all his time was for his family, for his kids,” she explained.

Last Wednesday, the family of five went to Wizard Lake, about 60 kilometres south of Edmonton.

Mubashir says her two sons were swimming in the lake when a strong current came over them.

“My older son said he experienced something was pushing him down. So he was not able to come out. So, when dad saw him, he came to rescue.”

She says her husband did not know how to swim, however, he jumped into the water without hesitation to save his son.

The 49-year-old’s body was recovered the next morning by RCMP’s underwater recovery team.

Witnesses told CityNews the area where he drowned was about five metres deep.

There is now a fundraiser underway to help assist the family during this difficult time as Khan provided the primary source of income.

While Mubashir mourns her husband. She wants to thank the people who were on the beach that day.

“They prayed with me,” she said. “They tried to find him. Some people were in the water trying to find him. I can’t thank (them) enough.”

According to Alberta RCMP, there have been 15 drownings this year.