‘I just don’t understand:’ Bowden mayor says he tried to see what could be done to prevent no-lockdown rodeo

BOWDEN, Alta. – A “no lockdowns rodeo” held near Bowden over the weekend is a concern in the town, about an hour north of Calgary, even though the event itself was held outside city limits.

Bowden Mayor Robb Stuart says initially the event flaunting health restrictions was going to be at the rodeo grounds, but it was moved.

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He says he and agriculture organizations tried to get information from the province about what could be done.

“I actually left a message at the premier’s office, I got our MLA and they just said Alberta Health Services had to deal with it and amazingly enough it went ahead. I just don’t understand,” said Stuart.

Stuart says he saw an increase in shopping activity over the weekend, and the highway through Bowden was quite busy.

He adds, while the extra traffic might be good for business, he also heard a lot of the people going into shops and liquor stores were not wearing masks.

“We’re hoping that there’s not a spin-off that will impact our community.”

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