Calgary group going skydiving for cancer charity

INNISFAIL (660 NEWS) -There are plenty of runs to support various charities but how about jumping out of an airplane for your favourite cause?

On Thursday morning, just north of Calgary, 10 people will take part in a tandem skydive jump in support of Kids Cancer Care.

The Jump For A Cure initiative is the brainchild of realtor Brian van Vliet.

“This is an event I started working on about six months ago when a client of mine and friend, a young fitness model, came down with breast cancer,” said Van Vliet. “(She) battled that for a year only to be rediagnosed with colon cancer.”

The group is scheduled to take off from Alberta Skydive Central near Innisfail at 11:00 a.m if the conditions are in their favour.

Van Vliet said they will be doing tandem jumps, hooked up to experienced skydivers. Six members of the group say they have never done this before, including van Vliet’s wife and daughter.

He added they haven’t been able to do any physical training for the tandem skydives.

“It’s more about bringing up your nerve to actually do it because we go from 13,000 feet, we free-fall for about 8,000 feet and then the main chute pulls and you glide in.”

Van Vliet and the other skydivers hope to raise $20,000 for Kids Cancer Care.

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