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Four “prolific offenders” face 316 drug and stolen property charges

(Edmonton Police Service)

EDMONTON (CITYNEWS) – Four Edmonton residents are facing a combined 316 charges related to drug trafficking and stolen property following a month-long police investigation.

The Edmonton Police Service began investigating illegal activities at a rental property near 19 Avenue and Lakewood Road South in mid-April. They identified four “prolific offenders” associated with the property.

The investigation led to a first arrest on April 30. Randi Cramer, 26, was arrested for conducting alleged drug transactions from a vehicle near Whyte Avenue. She was found with 10 grams of fentanyl on her person ($5,000 value).

A second resident of the Lakewood South address, 33-year-old Robert Richards, was arrested on May 8. Police found a .22 caliber pistol on him, 10 diamond rings (more than $17,000 value) and $3,000 cash.

While searching the Lakewood Road South property, EPS investigators seized nearly 200 grams of fentanyl ($25,000 value), more than $16,000 cash, thousands of dollars in counterfeit money, hundreds of fake and stolen IDs and credit cards, instruments for manufacturing credit cards and government documents, and 26 pairs of stolen boots.

Police say a young child was also taken from the residence by family members. There will be a follow-up investigation.

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Cramer is charged with 76 offences related to stolen property, proceeds of crime, drug trafficking and causing a child to be drug-endangered.

Richards is charged with 86 offences related to stolen property, possession of a firearm, proceeds of crime, drug trafficking, stolen ID and forging documents.

Two other individuals, Matthew Cook and Camille Paradis, face charges of stolen property, drug trafficking, forged documents, making ID documents and possession of stolen credit cards.