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Provincial officials advise against school closures in Alberta

Dr. Deena Hinshaw during March 13 COVID-19 update.

CALGARY (660 NEWS) — “It is not the time to do that,” Dr. Deena Hinshaw said during the province’s daily update on COVID-19.

This response is in regards to the closure of schools in Alberta.

The chief medical officer of health says the repercussions for closing schools might do more harm than good because any measures taken would need to be in place for months not weeks.

Alberta health officials provide update on COVID-19 response

Alberta health officials provide update on COVID-19 response

Posted by 660 NEWS on Friday, March 13, 2020

She emphasized that moving children from schools to other care areas if they can’t be cared for by parents, would not minimize any risk to the public and would end up just moving possibly infected children from one group to another.

Dr. Hinshaw also added that Alberta has taken a more aggressive approach to cancellations amid COVID-19 which other provinces have not taken, so comparing Alberta to a place like Ontario, isn’t a reasonable excuse.

This advice from the province comes as Universities around the province create their own action plans to combat spread of the virus.

The University of Calgary announcing Friday that all face-to-face classes will be removed to “remote delivery.”