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'It's a weird experience': Calgary couple in self-isolation after trip to Japan

Last Updated Mar 4, 2020 at 11:31 am MDT

Peter Klein and his wife were asked to self-isolate after returning from Japan, despite showing no signs of COVID-19. (Provided)

Self-isolation is a strange experience according to a couple in Calgary whose employers asked them to go into quarantine

They returning from Japan Saturday and have been in isolation since Sunday

Canada currently has 29 cases of COVD-19, most of them in Ontario

CALGARY (NEWS 1130) — A couple in Calgary is learning what it’s like to live in self-isolation after returning from virus hotspot Japan.

Sportsnet 960’s Peter Klein and his wife, who also works in radio, flew back from a trip to Japan last Saturday. Even though neither are showing symptoms of COVID-19, he says both their employers told them to quarantine themselves at home, just to be sure.

They’ve been isolated since Sunday.

“It’s a little weird to be told we don’t know if it’s safe for you to come to work, so just stay home, and to just to be in an unofficial quarantine when you feel fine and don’t feel any symptoms,” Klein says. “It’s a weird experience and I’m not sure how to handle it now that I’m a couple of days in.”

Klein says he understands why he is faced with the situation and is learning to cope with it.

“In the back of your mind, you’re always just wondering ‘How okay am I?’ ” he says. “It’s really concerning and it’s kind of wearing on us mentally even just a couple of days in. So we’re still figuring things out and trying to stay as normal as possible, but understanding this is far from a normal situation.”

It’s not an official quarantine and he admits they did go out briefly to get groceries but were careful to disinfect their hands and limit contact with people.

Canada currently has 29 cases of COVD-19, most of them in Ontario.