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Woman claims Flair flight attendant made her clean up someone else's blood

Last Updated Nov 19, 2019 at 6:40 am MDT

EDMONTON – Discount airlines are known for their no-frills approach – and customers know what they’re signing up for. But what about a no-frills cleaning routine?

One Edmonton woman is alleging that after discovering a shocking mess on her tray table she was left to clean up a mess that wasn’t hers.

“When I flipped it down you could tell there was blood,” explained Jessica Starcheski.

After Starcheski alerted airline staff to the blood on the tray table, she says the flight attendant came back with gloves and a wet nap for Starcheski to clean up the blood herself.

“She even gave my husband a garbage bag to hold.”

Starcheski posted a picture to Twitter Sunday evening, showing her cleaning her airline tray table.

Her tweet read, “Fly @FlairAirlines and get to clean someone else’s blood yourself, for free! After alerting the flight attendant of the blood on my seat and table, they gave me the gloves and wet wipes to clean it.”

Starcheski, who has worked in the service industry, says she was shocked by the flight attendant’s response.

“I looked at the girl and I said, ‘Is this even sanitary? This is what you give to someone when they eat hot wings.’ If two attendants are giving me these wet wipes – do they even have the materials to deal with this or what are the processes and training in place.”

Flair Airlines responded with a statement to CityNews, saying passengers’ safety is the company’s highest priority.

“We apologize for the unfortunate incident experienced by one of our passengers… due to an oversight during our typical sanitation procedures and a miscommunication between flight attendants,” said the statement.

“We are reviewing our procedures to prevent this from happening again.”

Starcheski’s tweet now has dozens of replies ranging from disgust to dismay, with some on twitter even saying they’re reconsidering their travel plans with Flair.

“It’s nice to have a discount option but I don’t think that means not following health and safety standards,” said Starcheski

From now on, Starcheski says she may be spending a bit more on her tickets to avoid encountering a situation like this again.