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Justin Trudeau gets candid with kids about Blackface in new sit down

Social media star Jessi Cruickshank sits down with Liberal leader Justin Trudeau for the season 2 premiere of her web series "New Mom, Who Dis?" Image courtesy: "New Mom, Who Dis?"

This election campaign, Justin Trudeau hasn’t done many one-on-one interviews. But social media star Jessi Cruickshank scored a sit-down with the Liberal leader for the season 2 premiere of her web series “New Mom, Who Dis?” Before the video was released, Cruickshank teased nothing was off limits. And she meant it.

Since the series focuses on navigating life as a new mom, she took the opportunity to ask her new pal “JT” about being a working dad. They chatted about Trudeau holding and kissing babies and his own children. Cruickshank also had the Prime Minister hold a child while answering questions about policy.

Undoubtedly one of the biggest moments of this campaign was the revelation of pictures and a video of a younger Justin Trudeau in racist makeup. Cruickshank started the conversation with Trudeau, jokingly asking him what he’s going to be for Halloween.

And it didn’t stop there. Cruickshank brought in a group of children to ask Trudeau whatever they wanted. One girl asked if he lived in a mansion while another boy asked where babies come from. But most poignant was the question from twins who wanted to know why Trudeau painted his face brown. The Liberal leader apologized to the girls, and said he’s had long conversations with his children about it.

You can watch Cruickshank’s web series “New Mom, Who Dis?” on Facebook. New episodes go live every Wednesday.