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Alberta convoy descends on Ottawa

Last Updated Feb 19, 2019 at 9:21 am MDT

Glen Carritt pictured in front of his truck that he plans to drive for the pro-pipeline convoy. Source: CityNews

'Just a complete disconnect of the government is what we are concerned about': convoy organizer

'I think they are doing far too much and are wasting our money in the process': May on Trudeau's energy policies

OTTAWA (660 NEWS) – It rolled its way east from Red Deer to Ottawa and the convoy has reached its destination. The rally in front of Parliament Hill is meant to chastise the Trudeau Government for its energy policies.

“It has just been crazy. I can’t believe the support that we have gotten all along,” said Glenn Carritt is one of the organizers of the United We Roll Convoy.

“Every little town that we go through there is hundreds of people if not thousands [in support].”

Pat King is one of the people at the forefront of this rally.

He stood watching as the trucks honked behind him and said the support the convoy is getting is touching.

“This is absolutely moving, absolutely phenomenal. I can’t express it anymore.”

Both King and Carritt are calling out the Trudeau Government for a perceived lack of action to get pipelines built and the carbon tax.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth May with the Green Party has opposed the Trans Mountain project and a variety of other pipelines.

She has her own criticisms of the Trudeau Government but in stark contrast to this convoy.

“What are they supposed to do more than the crazy things that they have already done? They are so determined to get the pipeline built that they have taken our money and bought it,” she retorted. “It doesn’t make sense to say the Trudeau Liberals somehow aren’t doing enough to get pipelines built. I think they are doing far too much and are wasting our money in the process.”

Carritt believes Bill C-48 and Bill C-69 both need to be stopped.

“Just a complete disconnect of the government is what we are concerned about. We need to be a united country and we found out on this journey that we are a united country.”

May also disagrees with Bill C-69 but for much different reasoning.

“That bill is so terrible and so badly worded it could be called the ‘pro-pipeline act’ just as easily because it is full of discretion. It needs to be fixed.”

The convoy, along with other Yellow Vest movements have been getting some negative attention for its connections to far-right groups, somewhat spurred by the inclusion of the UN Migration Pact as a part of the rallying cries against the Trudeau Government.

Organizers say this rally is being put together by peaceful and tolerant people with no attachment to violence or extreme ideologies.