Most Canadians think multiculturalism ‘good’ for the country, but many worry about racism

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – It appears many Canadians are “tepid” supporters of the concept of multiculturalism.

A new poll from Research Co. suggests while nearly two thirds (62%) of us think multiculturalism has been “good” or “very good” for Canada, a third believe it has been “bad” or “very bad.”

About one in four (41%) of Canadians believe racism has become “a more significant problem in Canada” in recent years. People in Manitoba and Saskatchewan were found the most likely (55%) to feel this way. Those in Quebec (37%) were least likely to agree with the statement.

When asked to choose between a “melting pot” (where immigrants are encouraged to assimilate and blend into Canadian society) and a “mosaic” (where cultural differences within Canadian society are valued and should be preserved), it was somewhat close. Forty-nine per cent agreeing with the former and 42 per cent agreeing with the latter. The remaining nine per cent said they weren’t sure.

Those aged 18-34, British Columbians, and those who voted for the Liberals or NDP in the last federal election were more likely to prefer a “mosaic.”

Men, people in Quebec, those over 55 and those who said they voted for the Conservative Party were more likely to lean towards a “melting pot.”

The results are based on an online poll conducted last month among 1,000 adults in Canada.

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