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Cat treadmill introduced at CES


LAS VEGAS (660 NEWS) – Usually it’s big, flashy TVs, or the latest gaming innovation that dominates the headlines at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, but there’s more to see than that.

Breakfast Television’s Mike Yawney is at the show and discovered a new marvel while travelling down one of the smaller aisles.

“I actually stumbled upon a cat treadmill on the show floor. I looked at this thing and it kind of looks like a giant wheel, sort of like a hamster wheel.”

He said the “Little Cat” treadmill is about 4 feet tall and uses a lighted track to encourage cats to run on the wheel.

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You can actually control the light with your phone but the price tag is steep at roughly $2,400 Canadian.

WATCH: Take a look at the “Little Cat” treadmill