Oilers fan hoping 2018 yearbook prediction comes true

An Oilers fan predicted a 2024 Stanley Cup win for the Edmonton Oilers. What’s remarkable: he did it in a yearbook quote from 2018. Laura Krause speaks to the man behind the prediction.

Many people might look back at their old high school yearbook and be embarrassed, but one Oilers fan can look at his 2018 yearbook and be proud of a very bold prediction he made about his favourite team.

“Edmonton Oilers 2024, watch it happen.” That’s a quote William Dmytrow, a lifelong Oilers fan from Saskatoon wrote in his high school yearbook six years ago.

William Dmytrow’s 2018 yearbook quote. (Submitted by: William Dmytrow)

“Lots of people on Instagram are being like ‘hey this is fake, you could easily fake this’ but you can see me right here, ‘Edmonton Oilers 2024, watch it happen’ that’s my quote, right there,” explained Dmytrow.

Dmytrow says there was no rhyme or reason why he chose that as his yearbook quote, or the year, but he is hopeful the prediction will come true.

“I was graduating high school, and I remember just thinking, I don’t know what to say for my yearbook quote. So I kind of thought, hey, you know what? Why don’t I say something about my absolute favorite sports team in the world, the Edmonton Oilers, of course, and just write down a prediction for them to win the Stanley Cup,” he explained.

“And I didn’t really think about the year. I just threw down whatever year came to mind, that happened to be 2024, so to be quite honest, from you, there was nothing much more than that.”

William Dmytrow with his 2018 high school yearbook. (Submitted by: William Dmytrow)

Fast forward to June 2024, the Edmonton Oilers are in the Stanley Cup finals facing off against the Florida Panthers, and Dmytrow isn’t the only Oilers fan who is optimistic the team will win it all.

“I believe, I believe. We’re going to game 7,” said one Oilers fan.

“We bring it back to ‘Berta, Oilers in 7!”

“I got Game 6 tickets, baby. It’ll be rocking and we’re bringing the cup home!”

“No doubt, no doubt, ever since it started, no doubt. I believe in these boys and we’re winning the cup.”

“I was stressing, but I knew at the end of the day we would win the game so I was fine with it.”

Dmytrow says he’s been confident in the team all throughout the playoffs, despite the nail biter of a series so far.

“I know, and I’m confident that our Edmonton Oilers are going to win the Stanley Cup,” said Dmytrow.

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