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AHS no longer able to contact trace in Lethbridge schools due to surge in COVID-19 cases

LETHBRIDGE (660 NEWS) — Alberta Health Services (AHS) says it will not be able to conduct close contact tracing in the Lethbridge School Division after an “overwhelming surge of school-related cases in the area.”

“AHS Public Health team has made the decision to move into our next phase of business continuity and capacity for COVID contact tracing team,” a statement from AHS said.

“This means that, unfortunately, AHS will not be able to contact all of the individuals on the class lists (including school staff) for close contacts in the affected classrooms.”

The adjustment came into effect on Oct. 16 and applies to any letters sent out since Oct. 12.

AHS will now aim to contact any out-of-classroom close contacts such as carpooling, lunchroom contacts, and affected riders on buses.

A close contact letter will be provided to classrooms indicating the last date of exposure and who needs to self-isolate for 14-days.

A class list and bussing seating plan will still need to be submitted to health officials for cross-referencing.

The rate of active COVID-19 cases in the City of Lethbridge is currently 143.5 per 100,000 people.

This is the highest rate of active cases in major cities in the province.