People march against anti-Black racism across the GTA Saturday

People gathered once again at Christie Pits Park Saturday afternoon to march to Queen’s Park in protest of police brutality and systemic racism in Canada.

This is the third weekend in a row such rallies have been held in the region.

A similar march planned by Not Another Black Life on May 30 was the first anti-Black racism rally to take place in Toronto.

Last weekend, at least four different peaceful protests took place across the GTA.

The organization that planned Saturday’s rally, Remember the 400, is dedicated to telling “the true story of those slaves who landed on the shores of the Americas 400 years ago.”

Their website said their mission is to “seek to implement and support initiatives that right the wrongs of this dark past and commence the healing process,” and “bring together individuals and organizations dedicated to creating a positive regional impact of healing the racial divide.”

A unity march also happened in Scarborough at the Malvern Town Centre. Helping Neighbourhoods Implement Change organized the march.

There were also two different marches in the Peel region including a “Justice for Jamal” vigil and march in Mississauga.

Jamal Francique was shot by a Peel police officer in January and died shortly after. An SIU investigation is currently underway.

Once again this weekend, Black Lives Matter Toronto and Not Another Black Life said they are not involved with any protests.

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