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Risk of wildfire increases in northern Alberta

A shot of the wildfire burning in the Slave River district in northern Alberta June 18, 2019 (Credit - Alberta Wildfire/Twitter)

EDMONTON (660 NEWS) — The danger rating of a wildfire occurring in the Fort McMurray Forest Area has been increased to extreme.

The region south of Lake Athabasca has been listed at very high, while north of the lake has been marked as extreme.

Since the beginning of March, there have been six new wildfires in the area, but all have been extinguished.

The province recently lifted the fire ban, because of rain in the past couple of weeks, but a fire advisory is still in effect.

Fire permits are still being issued, but will need to be approved by a forest officer.

You will still be able to enjoy fires in your backyard, charcoal briquettes on a barbecue or a safe campfire.

The precautions have been in place to limit the number of disasters during the COVID-19 pandemic when resources have been limited.

More information on the current situation head to Alberta Wildfire’s website.