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Trudeau should look to Tories to help with western alienation: Rempel

Last Updated Oct 30, 2019 at 4:33 pm MDT

The Governor General of Canada

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – A Calgary Member of Parliament believes the Prime Minister should reach out to the Conservatives to deal with western alienation.

Calgary-Nose Hill MP Michelle Rempel said Justin Trudeau shouldn’t appoint an unelected member to his cabinet just because they’re from the west.

This comes after speculation Trudeau may appoint an unelected official to cabinet with Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi and former Premier Alison Redford as potential candidates.

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Rempel argues Trudeau should listen to more Conservative voices, especially with 70 per cent of Alberta voters voting blue in the election.

“I don’t like Justin Trudeau, I’m sure he doesn’t like me. This isn’t about like anymore, this is about getting our communities back to work and having a conversation about how we develop policy that’s in the best interests of the entire country.”

Rempel said unelected politicians won’t fix the problem and cited an Alberta situation as an example when Redford appointed an unelected ambassador to Ottawa.

She said following a similar path won’t ease Albertans anger.

“The easier bridges with NDP and the Bloc who are anti-energy sector, that’s not going to keep our country together, it’s not going to keep our country united. This is really his choice at this point in time, how does he want to lead?”

Trudeau will unveil his new cabinet on Nov. 20