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RCMP confirm video with WWE wrestler all for show

Last Updated Sep 23, 2019 at 6:55 pm MDT


RCMP confirmed the officer was in on the charade

Lacey Evans told her Twitter followers she does not condone disrespecting law enforcement

EDMONTON — It was all for show.

Both Alberta RCMP and WWE wrestler Lacey Evans have cleared the air over a viral video posted by Evans purportedly showing her arguing with a police officer during a traffic stop in Edmonton.

While the traffic stop and subsequent speeding ticket were legitimate, Alberta RCMP said Evans asked the officer if he would “participate in a rehearsed interaction on camera with her WWE persona.”

After receiving the ticket, Evans engaged in “courteous and polite conversation” with the officer and identified herself as a sports entertainer with WWE.

The officer then agreed to take part in a rehearsed video with her WWE persona, according to Alberta RCMP.

On her Twitter page, Evans confirmed that the video was created by both parties to promote her performance at an event on Saturday.

The video set off a maelstrom on social media with many confused about the validity of the video which shows a snippet of Evans interaction with the officer.

In it, she disses Canada calling it a “terrible” place, all in keeping with her character: WWE’s “Southern Sassy Belle”. In subsequent tweets, she continued to diss Canada.

After confusion ensued about the video, Evans clarified the circumstances surrounding the video and said she doesn’t “condone, agree with or promote disrespecting” law enforcement.